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There is but ONE problem and ONE solution; Understanding this is the beginning of awakening. The myriad problems and evil of the world around us ALL fall into one category-- TEMPORAL. Yet, time as know it, doesn’t really exist! You have learned to be a temporary idea of YOU. The real eternal you is right there… underneath. Thousands throughout history have awakened to the truth of life. It’s available the moment you are ready to hear it. Are you ready? Since you are reading this you may be. When you are ready and you hear it, you will know it is the Truth, and that is the beginning. Getting there is between you and God, Truth. Temporal, erring, mortal thoughts will surrender to that which is perfect, eternal and inevitable. The first thing that will happen is that you will begin to lose all fear. To the extent we let go of attachment to the material we gain Trust in Spirit and with it dominion over the world. “Against the fruit of the Spirit there is no law!” Enlightenment does not come from a book, but if you are unsure where to start, this one will help! "Jesus taught no theology or dogma. His teaching and his daily demonstrations, or healings, were entirely spiritual and metaphysical. They were not religious and they apply to EVERYONE on Earth.”` EVERYTHING observed or known by our senses is relative—meaning not absolute. Only the absolute is eternal--Substance! Authentic science is divine science and it tells us about the spiritual or “non-temporal” world—the real world. This is provable to each of us--in fact it would be worthless if not provable. It's The Ancient Theory of Everything.

The Ancient Theory of Everything

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